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Is your organisation accessible to customers with disabilities?

It should be.

Creating Accessible Communities

Support Inform works with organizations to ensure all staff members are trained to support every customer.


Wouldn't it be good if you could trust a retailer or service provider at times when you, or a family member, might need extra support? Many organisations are Support Inform certified – this means staff have capacity awareness training, and provide customer support to the disabled customers. Find out who you can trust, and what Support Inform is doing for you.

Our advanced e-training platform focuses on putting your organization at the forefront of premium customer service.

For Organisations

Are your staff trained to support customers with disabilities? They should be. Awareness is spreading and expectations are rapidly shifting. Understand your obligations, opportunities and find out how to become compliant today.

Enter Support Inform

Support Inform is a powerful yet simple e-training qualification for all frontline staff. Enter today to ensure that your organisation is compliant and more accessible tomorrow.

How SI Works

Simple. Best-practice training is provided to organisations through an online platform. Staff are qualified, organisations certified and consumers can feel confident and secure that from one place to the next they will be supported.

  • 01Powerful training

    Powerful training

    Expert designed e-training for disability awareness is provided through our innovative online platform. The latest advice is available 24/7, enabling staff to get up to speed, and stay up to speed, wherever they are and with zero disruption to business.

  • 02Qualified staff

    Qualified staff

    Employees are empowered to provide support, regardless of how a customer’s capacity might be affected. Simple training results in better supported customers, more confident staff and greater employee satisfaction. The benefit to the organisation is clear and significant.

  • 03Certified organisations

    Certified organisations

    Publicly displaying the Support Inform standard actively promotes an organisation’s status as a place where customers can be comfortable in self-identifying as requiring extra support, or in simply knowing that staff are trained to identify and provide additional support when required.

A world without Support Inform

When organisations fail to train staff properly, or at all, the impact on consumers can be
As capacity awareness increases, the effect on organisations is also rapidly developing.


Isolation, embarrassment, confusion and financial harm are just some of the risks to people when staff are trained poorly.

Friends & family

The knock-on effect is obvious. Financially and emotionally, appropriately trained staff can result in far-reaching benefits.


An uninformed, unsupportive society is regressive. Support Inform’s goal is to build accessible communities and, being grand about it, a better world.

Reasonable adjustments

Failure to provide reasonable adjustments for people whose capacity is impaired amounts to discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

Reputational harm

Enormous damage can be caused by negative publicity where there have been failures to provide appropriate support.

Liability exposure

The legal implications of failing to support are expanding as expectations and obligations shift.

Regulatory scrutiny

Sector by sector, scrutiny is focussing on capacity and measures that organisations have in place.

Competitive disadvantage

Appropriately trained staff will soon be the norm. Reactive organisations will be at a significant disadvantage to active organisations.

Let’s build supportive organisations

Start supporting your customers today – become part of an accessible community of supportive organisations.

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