• si_mark_blueTotal online solution – One platform, 24/7 availability, zero disruption to business.
  • si_mark_blueActive compliance – Implementing Support Inform acts as a reasonable measure and minimises risk immediately and continuously.
  • si_mark_blueMaximised opportunity – Develop existing and attract new key customer bases.
  • si_mark_blueContinuous development – Constantly stay ahead of the shifting legal landscape; we monitor developing trends and deliver live updates.
  • si_mark_blueLead the way – Shout about it. Positive early action represents an enormous cost to benefit opportunity. Reactive organisations get left behind.

How Support Inform works

Simple. Best-practice training is provided to organisations through an online platform. Staff are qualified, organisations certified and consumers can feel confident and secure that from one place to the next they will be supported.

  • 01 Powerful training

    Powerful training

    Expert designed e-training is provided through our innovative online platform. The latest advice is available 24/7, enabling staff to get up to speed, and stay up to speed, wherever they are and with zero disruption to business.

  • 02 Qualified staff

    Qualified staff

    Employees are empowered to provide support, regardless of how a customer’s capacity might be affected. Simple training results in better supported customers, more confident staff and greater employee satisfaction. The benefit to the organisation is clear and significant.

  • 03 Certified organisations

    Certified organisations

    Publicly displaying the Support Inform standard actively promotes an organisation’s status as a place where customers can be comfortable in self-identifying as requiring extra support, or in simply knowing that staff are trained to identify and provide additional support when required.

Let’s Build Supportive Organisations

Provide more intelligent support, where it is needed the most. Naturally strengthen your organisation as a result.

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